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Name: 18-string guitar.

Type: Plucked Lute > Chordophones.

Region: Peru > South America.

Dimensions: Scale length 650 mm.

Luthier: Huaman, Cusco Peru.

Acquisition date: Circa year 2002, Christmas.

Acquisition source: Custom made by Huaman, a luthier who is now out of business. At the time his shop was located in Cusco Peru.

Description: The 18-string guitar is a member of the lute family of cordophones. It maybe played with a plectrum or strummed. In Peru this instrument came slightly after the guitar roughly around the 1800s. This type of guitar had a brief debut and it did appear in the Lambayeque department located near northern-Western Peru and near the Ecuadorian border.

Re-stringing This Type of Guitar: All of the strings I use for re-stringing the 18-stringed guitar are from two packs of the lightest tension 12-string guitar strings. The process of restringing this type of guitar is laborious. In using the lightest guage of strings available (as featured in the table below) one can use the D G C F A D tuning which with each tripple course becomes DDD, GGG, CCC, FFF, AAA, DDD. For the first two tripple courses being E E E, B B B, I use the plain steel strings. For the four bottom strings I string them in the following order plain wound plain.

18-String Guitar Tuning Table

Foot Notes: My guitar was made by a luthier known by the name Huaman. I acquired this instrument through order. My teacher Rene picked up this guitar and brought it back from its maker to me in person. Please keep this in mind that one cannot obtain this instrument in any music store chain. This 18-string guitar was also designed under supervision by my teacher Rene Hugo Sanchez. My teacher commissioned the maker Huaman who is based in Cuzco (Rene tells me that Huaman is now out of business or may have moved to another location).

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