Name: Antara.

Type: Pan-Flute > Aerophone.

Region: Peru > Ecuador > South America.


Acquisition Date: Circa 1997.

Acquisition Source: Lark In The Morning, Pike Market Location original location now out of business.

Description: The Antara is a single row panpipe that is tuned to a pentatonic scale. Both the antara and zampoņa are pre-Colombian in origin. Although they do differ from each other in their respective tunings and construction. The antara are played solo, or traditionally with percussion or in recent additions of many of the Andean instrumental ensembles.

Construction: Antara have a total of 14 bamboo tubes; they [the antara] are assembled together by having up to four strips of bamboo serving their function as braces thus providing structural support for the instrument. Coloured thread holds the instrument together and provides ornamentation to the instrument.




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