Hello and welcome to the My name is Graeme Gibson. My upbringing in music was informal and multifaceted. In other-words I was deeply immersed into the listening and enjoyment of classical music. And eventually engaged in music therapy which introduced me to play piano with my teacher at the time and electronic keyboards at home. Since my youth I became interested in stringed musical instruments. I took an non-conventional route, my first stringed instrument was a balalaika later a Turkish saz and it rolled down from there. Currently I do play guitar among the many ethnic instruments I have studied over the years.

Beginnings: My list of music teachers was varied my first teacher was a music therapist named Johanne Brodeur who originally is from Quebec she least was instrumental [pun included] in getting me engaged with music. Secondly through out my youth I briefly took lessons from Bibs Ekkle who now resides in London England. Later I came into contact with Randy Raine-Reusch who was introduced to me via a close family friend a fellow eclectic musician Jaron Lanier he was a bit skeptical on the first visit but he showed and tested me on knowing the names of the musical instruments in which i was able to recite each name. Randy was quite impressed and the lessons began. Through other close friends I was introduced to Rene Hugo Sanchez who is from Rio de Oropeza Peru, South America who currently remain as my teachers and friends.

Lately I became fascinated by lutherie and building, repairing and the restoration of musical instruments. My first musical instrument designed and built by a close friend and I was an electric guitar. Second instrument was a cajita (pronounced cahita) in Spanish a small percussion instrument shaped in a tapered box this and other musical instruments that I built have are featured through out this site. I have completed an electric bass guitar, and I'm currently working on a theremin, an electronic instrument that predates the synthesizer by at least 30 years or so.


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