Name: Bungkau.
Jawharp > Heteroglot guimbard >Lamellaphone.
East Borneo [Malaysian side] > South East Asia.
                                            Hornbostel-Sachs No#:
Length in cm.
                                            Acquisition Date:
Circa mid 1990s.
                                            Acquisition Source:
Sabah Borneo, Randy Raine Reusch @

The bungkau is a jaw harp that is played among the Kazan a                                          and Dusun people of Northern Sabah, Malaysia. Sabah is located on the n                                          north eastern coast of the island of Borneo. Bungkau are often geared at f                                           festivals in Sabah and can be purchased at small traditional handicraft s                                                stores in Kota, Kinabalu.

The bungkau is carved fro polos palm stem and it is either s                                          shaved or peeled to obtain a two tone design. Often bungkau include a                                                 finely placed small ball of wax to facilitate the tuning of the instrument.                                                 Tuning is achieved by shaving small bits of wax off thus changing the                                                   pitch.