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Name: Bowed Psaltery.

Type: Bowed Zither > Chordophones.

Region: Many > North America.

Dimensions: Length 51 cm width

Specimen: Ken Brodkey, Santa Cruz, California USA.

Acquisition Date: 2010.08.27 Friday.

Description: The bowed-psaltery is a zither played with a bow and it is a member of the chordophone family. In 1925 a patent for the first bowed psaltery was issued by Clemens Neuber, this one had two accessible sides one for melody and the other for chords. Walter Mittman took the bowed psaltery over to the United States after the war and is asked in 1960 by George Kelischek to make them for him. Walter Mittman advocated the use of this triangular shaped psaltery for music education along with the luthier Edgar Stahmer (b. 1911 d.1996) on German television in 1963 he showed how to make the bowed psaltery. In 1967 Ronald Roberts published the plans of Edgar Stahmer in his book "musical instruments, made and played". In the 1980s UK Luthier Ronald Zachary Taylor promoted the instruments in his book "making musical instruments" in 1981 published the plans for the bowed psaltery. The sound of the bowed psaltery can be described as “hauntingly beautiful” and quite resonant.




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