Name: Cajita.

Type: Box > Percussion > Idiophone.

Region: Peru > South America.


Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Built in collaboration with a friend of mine.

Description: The Cajita (pronounced ca hi ta) The Cajita is a percussion instrument classified as a struck idiophone. The Cajita is found in in the north western coastal region of Peru. Particularly around Lima, the cajita is played in percussion and instrumental ensembles in Afro-Peruvian communities. The cajita is played by opening up and closing the lid, while striking the sides or the lid to achieve five different sounds. There are three sizes of cajita; the specimen in the photo is a lead cajita. The largest of the three sizes is a cajita the bass it also the lowest sounding of the three. The cajita is played by rapidly opening up and closing the lid. The cajita is a "time keeper" that regulates the tempo of the melody.

Construction: The cajita is constructed in the shape of a tapered box having a lid that is attached with brass cabinet hinges. On my specimen of cajita the striker is from a piece of lathed wood originally intended for the repair of furniture. 




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