Name: Chatturangui.

Type: Plucked Lute > Chordophone.

Region: India > South Asia.


Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Debashish Bhattacharya (TriDeb Instruments) &

Randy Raine-Reusch.

Description: The chatturangui is a guitar type plucked lute and member of the chordophone family of musical instruments. It is played with a slide. Since the 1940's the Hawaiian slide guitar was introduced to Calcutta (Kolkata) India by Mr. Tau Moe and his band. The 1960s were considered to be the golden era for the slide guitar as it became used in early filmi (film music) bands. Numerous musicians picked up the guitar like Sunil Ganguly, Rajat Nandi, Sujit Nath, Abhijit Nath and Kaji Aniruddha were all renowned for their contributions to Indian film music. Not until quite recently the slide guitar had the foot hold in Indian Classical Music. However the use of the slide dates back to the Vedic period.

Chatturangui Tunings
Name Pitch Tunings
Chatturangui Open D Major D A D F# A D
Chatturangui Open D Minor D A D F A D
Chatturangui Open G Major D G D G B D
Chatturangui Open G Minor D G D G Bb D
Ghandarvi Open E Major E B E G# B E
Ghandarvi Open E Minor E B E G B E
Anandi Fifths A D A D