Name: Carnatic Mandolin.

Type: Plucked Lute > Chordophone.

Region: Europe > India > South Asia.


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Not to be confused with the European mandolin, this particular mandolin is a recent introduction to Carnatic (South Indian) Classical music. This variety of mandolin has more in common with an electric "octave guitar" rather then its European counter part. Popularized by the recently late U. Surinivas (b. 1969-02-28 d. 2014-09-19) since the introduction the popularity of this instrument is growing. The strings and the neck of this particular instrument were changed from the conventional eight stringed instrument to having a more guitar like five stringed instrument tuned in a Sa Pa Sa usually in fifths, C G C G C.

Mandolin in Hindustani Music: Along with other western musical instruments, the European mandolin was originally introduced by the British some time in 1800-1900s. In Hindustani Classical music the mandolin retained its shape and sound, Tunings may differ from the standard E A D G or C G D A depending on the raga performed. Sugato Bhaduri, from Calcutta India performs with a mandola.

Mandolin Tunings as used in India

Carnatic C G C G C U. Surinivas
Standard E A D G
Mandola C G D A Sugato Bhaduri