Name: Doshpuluur.

Type: Lute > Chordophone.

Region: Tuva > Siberia > Far East Asia.

Tuning: B F# B.

Luthier: Marat Damdyn.

Dimensions: Scale Length 64.1 cm.

Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Devan Miller @ The Tuva Trader.

Description: The Doshpuluur is a plucked lute that is played with a plectrum. It is traditionally used to accompany throat singing. It maybe performed as a solo instrument or in the accompaniment of others such as a chanzi (lute). It is closely related to the dobshur a lute found in neighbouring Khakassia and in Mongolia.

Construction: The body is assembled in a frame having two pieces of animal hide stretched over the back and front. The neck goes through the body frame allowing the strings to be attached. The steel wound silk-strings E A D from a classical guitar preferably of medium to light gauge will work. An ornate carving of a horses head forms the head stock. Three machine gear tuners are screwed in to the left and right sides of the head stock. The doshpuluur has a very deep and rich sound.