Name: Gao Hu.

Type: Bowed > Chordophone.

Region: China > Far East Asia.

Tuning: G4 D5.

Description: The gao hu [ in Chinese 高胡 p. gāoh] is a bowed chordophone having two strings, played in the same manner as the erhu. This musical instrument was developed by Lu Wencheng (1898-1981). The gao hu is the lead instrument in Cantonese music and opera. This instrument belongs to the huqin family of stringed instruments including jing hu, erhu, ban hu, and su hu. The name of this instrument translates as high-pitch huqin. Well known compositions for the gao hu include Bu Bu Gao (步 步高 Higher Step By Step) and Ping Hu Qui Yue (平 湖秋月 Autumn Moon on Calm Lake).

Construction: Similar in construction to the erhu the gao hu has a slightly smaller sound box, commonly circular and it is tuned a fourth G4 and D5. Where as most huqin are placed on the top of the left thigh. Traditionally the gao hu is held in between the knees. The gao hu has a slightly brighter tone in comparison to the erhu.