Name: Guinbri.

Type: Lute > Chordophone.

Region: Morocco > North Africa.

Dimensions: Scale Length cm.

Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Clarion Music, San Francisco USA.

Description: A guinbri is a lute in the family of the plucked rebabs. In North Africa and particularly in Morocco. This smaller variety of guinbri played by members of a brotherhood not unlike the Gnawa who play this particular instrument in a devotional trance music. Although this type of guinbri bears the same name as the larger counter part played by the Gnawa (guinbri, or sintir).

Construction: this musical instrument bears close resemblance to the lutar. The guinbri has two, three or four strings they are usually tuned in fourths or fifths depending on the musicians preference. The resonance chamber or body is constructed from animal hide stretched over a hand carved body. The neck is attached to the body thus forming the basic shape of the instrument. At the end of the neck and including the three tuning pegs are lathed this is mostly ornamental. The bridge is also hand carved and is a "moving bridge". The thread-strings are simply tied on at both ends of the body and the tuning pegs