Name: Koukin.

Type: Jaw Harp > Idiophone.

Region: Southern China & Vietnam.

Specimen: is made in Vietnam.

Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Vietnam > Randy-Raine Reusch.

Description: The koukin is a jaw harp that is played in both Yunnan China and Vietnam. There are two types of koukin, one made from bamboo and the other made from metal usually brass. The brass koukin have three to four lamellaphone. In neighbouring Yunnan China the Naxi or "Yi Hehe" people play a bamboo version of the koukin. Constructed from a piece of bamboo carved with a single lamellaphone. The brass koukin are quite melodic and they do have a surprisingly pleasant sound.

Playing Technique: The koukin is held to the mouth with the left hand. For playing the brass koukin the method is achieved through an oscillation of the index finger, middle finger and the thumb. The thumb mainly plays a sympathetic tone and sometimes it changes through the melody.