Name: Moceños or mohoceños.

Type: Duct Flute > Aerophone.

Region: Southern Peru > Bolivia > South America.

Dimensions: Length cm.

Acquisition Source: Rene Hugo Sanchez, Peru.

Description: The moceños or mohoceños is a transverse flute unique to Southern Peru and Bolivia's Alti-Plano region. The name of this instrument moceños comes from the area which it originates. Among the Indigenous people of the Bolivian Alti-plano region the moceños is accompanied by a tambor (drum). Some have made the observation that when the Spanish arrived they introduced a Fujiara like instrument.

Construction: The
moceños is a double-duct transverse flute having 6 relatively wide finger holes. The two changers the mouth piece and the actual flute are bound with animal hide. Pitch is pitch is applied to secure the animal hide binding. The over all length of the 1.2 meters or 3 feet in length. My moceños is tuned to a low C#2 or 69.2957 Hertz in which can be played in two octaves the main octave and an overtone octave when blowing stronger into the instrument.




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