Name: Octavina.

Type: Lute > Chordophone.

Region: Philippines > South East Asia.

Tuning: G D A E B F#.

Strings: 7 paired 14 total.

Dimensions: Scale Length 34.4 cm.

Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source:

Description: The octavina a plucked lute quite similar to the guitar in appearance and sound. The same tuning as shared by the bandurria and laud is used for this instrument. All three along with the guitar and other Western stringed instruments were introduced originally during the colonial era just after the arrival of the Spaniards.

Origins of the name "Octavina": The name octavina applies to several different instruments including a keyboarded instrument from the 17'th century called a spinet. The origins of the name octavina remain unclear, it is suggested that the name octavina originates from a bandurria like instrument having up to 6 courses of strings.