Name: Octavina.

Type: Plucked Lute > Chordophones.

Region: Philippines > South East Asia.

Lumanog Guitars (same maker as my ukulele).

Dimensions: Scale length 520 mm.

Acquisition Date: 2011.04.29 Friday.

Acquisition Source: A family friend, Trip to Philippines.
OctavinaDescription: The octavina a plucked lute and a member of the chordophone family, and it has has 14 strings and 19 frets. It is played with a plectrum. The appearance of the octavina is quite similar to the guitar in its construction although much smaller in size. This instrument is directly influenced from the laud and bandurria sharing the same tuning. The instruments tuning was influenced from the bandurria and laud who were introduced to the Philippines since the Spanish occupation. The origins of the name octavina remain unclear, it is suggested that the name octavina originates from a bandurria like instrument having up to 6 courses of strings. The name octavina applies to several different instruments including a keyboarded instrument from the 17th century called a spinet. The octavina is played in accompaniment with the laud and bandurria in rondalla music. The tuning is the same as the laud or bandurria although the pitches of the strings are one octave lower then the bandurria.


Octavina Tuning
F# BB EE AAA ddd ggg




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