Name: Pingullo.

Type: Internal Duct > Flute > Aerophone.

Region: Peru > Bolivia > South America.

Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Peru, Rene Hugo-Sanchez.

Description: The pingullo is a flute that is a member of the aerophone family. It is played throughout Indigenous communities in Peru, Bolivia and in Ecuador. Traditionally the pingullo is performed by the same musician who is playing the bombo (a double sided drum). The pingullo is made from a section of bamboo usually they have 2 finger holes. Pingullos having 6 to 7 finger holes are favoured by the conjuntos (ensembles).

Construction: The pingullo shares the same features as the pito since they are of the same type of flute and belong to this particular family of aerophones. Pingullo are constructed with a labium as they belong to the same family of flute as the European recorder. The labium is a small thin angular flange that splits the air and produces the sound of the flute when played. The labium completes the mouth piece of the flute as it is critical to this instrument.




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