Name: Facil Kamenche (Turkish) > Politiki Lyra (in Greek).

Type: Bowed > Chordophone.

Region: Many > Turkey > Black Sea > Caucasus.


Dimensions: Scale Length cm.

Tuning: G D A.

Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Ian MacKenzie (trip to Turkey).

Description: The name “kamencheh” applies to a variety of bowed instruments from the Black Sea region to the Caucasus. The kamencheh as mentioned here is called a “facil kamencheh” or "Politiki Lyra" in Greek. Classified as a “box-shaped lute” 321.322) in the Hornbostel–Sachs system. Closely related instruments include the Pontic or Politiki Lyra. Primary differences between the Persian kamencheh and the facil kamencheh not only includes profile, shape, body, tone, bowing technique, tuning and string placement. Other bowed instruments have names sharing the same Persian etymology include the kamancheh (or Kabak kemane in Turkish), a spike lute  (321.31) and the Cappadocian kemane, an instrument closely related to the kemenche of the Black Sea with added sympathetic strings.