Name: Qin Qin.

Type: Banjo > Lute > Chordophones.

Region: China & Vietnam.

Dimensions: Scale Length 85 cm.

Manufacturer: Romance Instruments, China.

Acquisition Date: 2007.10.09 Tuesday.

Acquisition Source: A friend > Trip to Vietnam.

Description: The Qin Qin (in Mandarin Chinese 秦 琴) or Dan Tru (in Vietnamese). Originally a lute with a circular flat wooden body and raised frets. This type of Qin Qin is popular in Guan Dong, Macau and Hong Kong. It is quite common to see three or four stringed varieties of this musical instrument.

Tuning: From what I can gather this instrument is likely tuned in a cross tuning. Due to the use of diatonic frets on this particular specimen. I often tend to tune this instrument to C F C F in fourths. Tuning this instrument to a re-entrant tuning and playing it in such can be an awkward experience at best.

Construction: The qin qin is designed and assembled not unlike a banjo although on my specimen python skin is stretched over the top of the cast-aluminum body. An arm rest manufactured in similar process in the shape of a butterfly is affixed to the top of the body. A neck is inserted through the body till it reaches the end which functions as a tail. The rest of the instrument includes four machine tuning gears at the head stock. Frets are arranged on my specimen in a diatonic scale. When played due to its construction the qin qin has a big-sounding depth in tone.