Name: Quiada De Burro.

Type: Struck > Percussion > Idiophone.

Region: Many > South America & Central America.


Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Vancouver Folk Festival.

The quiada de burro, or quiada or charrasga is a struck idiophone with in the percussion family. The tissue is cleaned, dried and removed this is so the teeth can function as a rattle when the instrument is hit. It is played by some one striking the instrument with their right fist and the instrument is held from the jawbone facing downwards. While it is used in most Latin American countries from Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador and Cuba.

Origins: The quiada is an instrument of African origins it was introduced through the slaves during the colonial era. This musical instrument enjoys a wide level of exposure in both traditional and contemporary compositions. In Oaxaca Mexico the quijada is used as a time keeper for the "cancion". It is commonly used at carnivals and religious festivals.






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