Name: Riqq.

Type: Frame Drum > Membranophone.

Region: Many > Middle East > North Africa.

Specimen: From Egypt.


Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Paris, France.

Description: The riqq is a membranophone percussion instrument that is classified as a "frame drum". The riqq is used to accompany Arabic and Turkish belly-dance music to Maqam [classical music] other regional folk musics and along with contemporary genres. There are metal bodied riqq's which developed in the 1980s with synthetic plastic heads.

Construction: The riqq is either made plain or quite ornate. A total of 20 brass cymbals assembled in the frame that are affixed by nails. Each of these nails goes through the middle part of the frame. The brass cymbals are of a thick gauge so they produce their jingle in performance.