Name: Ronrocco.

Type: Plucked Lute > Chordophone.

Region: Bolivia > Peru > South America.

Tuning: C F A D A

Dimensions: Scale Length cm.

Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Rene Hugo Sanchez.

Description: The ronrocco is a 10 stringed lute found in Bolivia. It is also played in neighbouring Peru. In appearance it is slightly larger then the charango yet quite similar in construction. When comparing the tuning and size of the two instruments of the ronrocco to the charango. One can use the analogy like the mandola is to the mandolin. The ronrocco is played either solo or with other instruments, charango, guitar and percussion. Often the ronrocco is tuned to a fourth, fifth or an octave below. The ronrocco does very slightly in size.

Construction: The body of the ronrocco is traditionally hand carved from a tree trunk using the same design and assembly techniques as its higher pitch counterpart, the charango. First a section of a log is selected, then it is sculpted down into detail. Being a laborious process this process takes the longest eventually it comes into shape. The neck and the body then are joined. Later the fingerboard is selected from varieties of tropical hardwood, including rosewood, ironwood or ebony. The fingerboard on my specimen is ornamental having two parallel strips of bamboo inlaid for ornamentation. The same string-set available for charango may also be used for the ronrocco.




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