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Ronrroco or sometimes spelled as ronroco.

Bolivia > Peru > South America.

My Specimen:
Made by "Tico" in Lima, Peru.

Dimensions: Scale Length 50 cm.

Acquisition Date: 2009.05.16 Saturday.

Acquisition Source: Rene Hugo Sanchez ordered direct from Peru.

RonrocoDescription: The ronrroco is a 10 stringed lute found in Bolivia originally invented by the musician Gonzalo Hermosa one of the founding members of the group Los Kjarkas. Outside of Bolivia the ronrroco continues to gain popularity. In appearance the ronrroco is slightly larger then the charango yet quite similar in construction. When comparing the two instruments ronrroco to charango one can use the analogy of the mandolin to mandola. The ronrroco is played either solo or with other instruments, charango, guitar and percussion. The ronroco is tuned to a fourth, fifth or an octave as listed in the chart below. The scale length and the tuning of the ronrroco do vary from instrument to instrument. The ronoroco is not to be confused with its identical counterpart charangon.

Ronrocco Tunings
Gonzalo Hermosa Bolivia 1 octave below charango G C E A E
    2nd below charango D G B E B
    4th below charango C F A D A


Anatomy of the Ronrroco:
The body of the ronrroco is traditionally hand carved from a tree trunk. At the beginning of this process the selected tree trunk is sculpted down into detail. Through a painstaking process in carving the body it is then filed and sanded down into its proper shape. The body and neck are made from the same piece of naranjila wood. The neck and the body are created from two pieces of same wood. Then they are re-attached together. The ronrroco has up to 15 frets arranged in a chromatic scale from nut to sound hole. Later the fingerboard maybe made from a single piece of tropical wood or as with my specimen stylized with two strips of bamboo sandwiched in between the tropical wood, this depends on the model and luthiers choice of woods. On professional quality ronrrocos the fingerboard maybe made of rosewood, ironwood or ebony. The fingerboard on my specimen is ornamental having two parallel strips of bamboo are inlaid for ornamentation. Other specimens of ronrroco may have a couple small sized grooves carved into the neck before the finger board is carved. On the front of the sound board its cut from two pieces of wood a hardwood and what appears to be a soft wood, maybe yellow cedar or pine?.

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