Name: Sakara.

Type: Frame Drum > Membranophone > Percussion.

Region: Nigeria > West > Africa.

Dimensions: Diameter in cm.

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Description: The sakara is one of the four major Yoruba drums of Nigeria. The sakara is played by the Hausa people in Northern Nigeria. The Yoruba people traditionally used the sakara for a variety of purposes. They are played during wedding ceremonies, the Were or what is now called Fuji music was traditionally played on Sakara drums to call Muslims to feast and prayer during Ramadan.

Each family of drum often includes drums of different sizes, with the mother drum (iya ilu) playing the lead role while other drums follow in accompaniment. The sakara is played by holding the instrument in the right hand while striking it with a small stick in you're left hand. The fingers of the left hand change the pitch while the instrument is held during performance.