Name: Taisho Goto.

Type: Fretted Zither > Chordophone.

Region: Japan > Far East Asia.

Dimensions: Scale Length cm.

Acquisition Date:

Acquisition Source: Gandara Volka, Granville Island Vancouver Canada.

Description: The taisho-goto ( 大 正琴) or Nagoya Harp is a fretted zither whose name derives from the Taisho period (1912-1926) when the instrument first appeared. It is thought to be influenced from the German zither, the akkordolia.

This instrument has spread as wide and far. It is popular in South Asia where it arrived during the early 20th century. In Baluchistan and Sindh this instrument is called Benju.The taisho-goto is found in the following regions including the Maldives, East Africa under the name Taishokoto and in Lombok Indonesia under the name mandilu. When the taisho-goto is played the instrument is tuned in unison producing a single note when struck by each key.

Construction: The body taisho-goto is built in the form of a slender long box. Having individual mechanical keys that function not unlike a type writer. The keys are placed over the strings which are tuned in unison.

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