Name: Tambor Zapoteco.

Type: Double headed > Membranophone > Percussion.

Region: Oaxaca > Mexico.

Specimen: 80 years of age.

Acquisition Date: Circa 2010.

Acquisition Source: Curio Store > Oaxaca City > Mexico.

Tambor Zapoteca: The Zapotec tambor (in Spanish) it is a double sided tension drum. My specimen is made divided pieces of cut log that are shaped into desired pieces. Each piece of this drum supported by two hand forged iron rings. These type of tambor are assembled using many different methods. The oldest of the methods is the tambor would be hand carved from a log and hide stretched over the top. These drums would be carved with a face, a theme or something corresponding to Zapotec mythology or religion [refer to the photo below].

About my specimen:  The tambor sold in the tourist markets are usually of much lower quality and are constructed with flimsy materials. I found my specimen in a local curio shop.





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