Name: Tzouras.

Type: Long-Necked > Lute > Chordophones.

Region: Greece > South East Europe.

Tuning: Dd Aa Dd.

Dimensions: Scale Length 61 cm.

Acquisition Date: 1997/98.

Acquisition Source: Lark In The Morning, Original Pike Market store (this particular location is now closed).

Description: The tzouras is the medium sized member of the bouzouki family. Both six stringed (trichordia) and eight stringed (tetrachordia) types of tzoura. The eight string tetrachordia is available through luthiers who specialize in the making of the bouzouki family. Like its close relatives tzouras it is fretted to a 12-tone chromatic scale. Along with the baglama the tzouras is played in regional folk and rebetika music.

Tunings: The tunings (düzeni) that are used to tune the tzouras are no different then the tunings for saz or six stringed bouzouki although they are an octave above. Alternate tunings (duzeni) that could be used are including D A D and or G D A. 

Note: This was my actual first instrument from Greece. At the time I was searching for an "affordable and decent quality" bouzouki to my liking but none were found. I was searching for a close alternative which I found this tzouras. For the price paid at the time this particular tzouras sounds pretty descent and plays well.